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Free Budget and Spending Plan Template

Do you have a spending plan that you and your family use each and every month? Click here for a free spending plan template. This template is a great supplement to your copy of my book, 12 Ways to Put Money in Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part Time Job. If you find creating your own spending plan too challenging or it does not create enough cashflow, review the Total Financial Solutions Product and Services Package located at the bottom of this page. The Total Financial Solutions Package also includes free credit restoration.

Understanding Credit Scores and How to Increase Them
Download this presentation that I gave to a national audience for the US Small Business Administration Office of Entrepreneurship Education. Get a copy of the PowerPoint slides and a copy of the Federal Trade Commission's 24-page guide entitled Building A Better Credit Report. If you do not have time to do what it takes to repair your credit, call my office at 877-279-2701 for affordable credit restoration services.

20 Things to Do in 11 Minutes or Less to Improve Your Finances
Download this one page quick tip guide. If you immediately implement each tip consistently on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis, your finances will improve. Money management and better finances is a process that requires action on your part! Start now with 20 things in 11 for a better financial future!

Resources to Teach Children About Money
Download this presentation that's filled with websites and resources to teach children about money. As adults, we must work to break the cycle of financial literacy in our homes and our communities! Many of the websites and resources have guides that parents can use with their children, and that teachers can incorporate into their curriculum.

Monthly Money Opportunity Log
The Money Opportunity Log is used with the book 12 Ways To Put Money In Your Pocket Every Month Without A Part-Time Job. It is used to record the amount of money create with each Money Opportunity explained in the book.

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